Lethal Foes of Spider-Man #3 pg. 22 $150
Thunderstrike #7 Pg. 23
X-Men vs. The Avengers #4 pg 10 $125
Generally speaking, Keith will do cover recreations or commissions for $300 fully penciled with no logos. If you would like the piece inked Keith will ink on a case by case basis for an additional fee. (We can also arrange another inker for you if you would like the piece inked.) A checklist of covers Keith Penciled is at the bottom of this page.
Published Art
For Sale
Thor #482 pg 37 Splash $200
Daredevil #341 pg. 15 Splash $200
Nick Fury Agent of SHIELD #9 Cover $800
Spider-Man comic pg. 12 NFL ProAction Magazine #3 $150
Lethal Foes of Spider-Man #3 pg 6 Splash $250
Marvel Super-heroes
#1 pg. 22 Hercules
story $85
Marvel Super-heroes
#15 pg. 5 Iron Man
story $85
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keith pollard has the distinction of working on three of marvel's main books simultaneou sly when he was penciling The Fantastic four from 4/78-5/79 while he was also pencilling the amazing spider-man from 11/78- 6/80 and thor from 3/79-6/82.

along with the fondess of collectors for his work on ff, spider-man and thor, keith is also widely remembered for his work on the original deathlok stories in astonishing tales as well as dc's green lantern and vigilante.
ke it h ca n d o co n ve nt io n- ty pe sk et ch es fo r $5 0 pe r ch ar ac te r pe nc ile d.
ge ne ral ly sp ea ki n g,
ke it h wi ll d o co ve r
re cr ea ti o ns or co m mi ss io ns fo r $5 00
fu lly pe nc ill ed wi th
n o lo g os . If y o u
w o ul d lik e th e pi ec e
in ke d ke it h wi ll in k o n a ca se b y ca se ba si s fo r an ad di ti o na l fe e. (w e ca n al so ar ra n ge an ot he r in ke r fo r y o u if y o u w o ul d lik e th e pi ec e in ke d. ) A ch ec kli st of co ve rs ke it h pe nc ile d is at th e b ot to m of th is pa ge .
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