All-Star Squadron #41 Page 22
(DC 1985) $85
family #12 page 31 (DC 1977) $150
Iron Man #75 page 17 (Marvel 1975) $175
All-Star Squadron #60 pg. 17 (dc 1986) $85
ar ve ll ca n cr ea te a
co m mi ss io n ba se d o n
y o ur id ea . T he pr ic e
de pe n ds o n th e n u m be r
of ch ar ac te rs th at
ap pe ar, b ut as a g ui dli ne a 1- 2 ch ar ac te r pi ec e fu lly pe nc ile d wi th ba ck gr o u n ds is in th e $2 25 ra n ge an d a 3- 4
ch ra ct er pi ec e fu lly
pe nc ill ed wi th
ba ck gr o u n ds is in th e
$3 00 ra n ge . pl ea se
e m ail us at in fo @ co mi cb o ok -a rt. co m fo r a sp ec ifi c pr ic e. w e ca n al so ar ra n ge an in ke r fo r y o u if y o u w o ul d lik e y o ur pi ec e in ke d.
A rv ell jo ne s w as pa rt of th e a m az in g gr o u p of co mi c tal en t th at ca m e fr o m th e de tr oi t ar ea in th e mi d- 19 70 's. th is gr o u p al so in cl u de d ke it h p oll ar d, ric h b uc kl er, ji m st arl in, al mi lg ro m an d ot he rs.

A rv ell be ga n w or ki n g at m ar ve l o n tit le s lik e ir o n m an , th or , an d pe nc illi n g ea rl y ir o n fis t ap pe ar an ce s in m ar ve l pr e mi er.

in th e ea rl y 80 's ar ve ll al so di d so m e w or k fo r dc , in cl u di n g su pe r te a m fa mi ly an d su pe rm an fa mi ly.

h o w ev er th e tit le ar ve ll is m os t as so ci at ed wi th is all -s ta r sq ua dr o n fo r dc w he re he w or ke d wi th hi s fri en d ro y th o m as .

ar ve ll is n o w a su cc es sf ul tel ev isi o n pr o d uc er b ut sti ll m an ag es to w or k o n co m mi ss io ns w he n he ha s ti m e.
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